The Worldcoral is a giant organism more ancient than the Solworld itself, full of various mystical energies. Rooted in the ground, it goes to depths unknown to mankind.

Blessed timesEdit

For centuries Nelphis City was protected by this powerful symbol. To the citizens, the Worldcoral was an object of deference, an impressive monument and an incredible main power source.

Each century, the Worldcoral chose a Corallian Champion amongst the human population and offered them a powerful corallian power.

The Purple TwilightEdit

In 3498, during the terrible events known as the Purple Twilight, the Worldcoral was attacked by criminals. It tried to protect itself, first by releasing purple lightning in its surroundings, then by sending the Lustrals to clean the perimeter. Three days later, after many loss amongst both the Lustrals and the human citizens of Nelphis, the Worldcoral exploded. It left enough remains to block the underground well, to the despair of speleologists.


Some think the Worldcoral is still alive and active, since it blessed 99 individuals with a corallian power, making them the corallian heralds.

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