One morning, Klow and Jovy, policemen on leave, head toward a museum. They hesitate to reach it when a bright light appears in front of the main entrance, but Tilda, a reporter friend of Jovy, calls for help. The museum is under attack!

Klow and Jovy advance in the futuristic city, discovering traces of the attack : broken buildings and vehicles, red graffiti with spelling problems...

The museumEdit


When Klow and Jovy reach the museum, the statues surrounding the entrance come to life and attack them. The two friends manage to defeat the first one, but the second sculpture kills Klow, as Jovy runs away...

Meanwhile, deep in the museum, the responsible of this madness, Vitriol, is breaking everything. The rebellious, criminal teenager is searching for precious data. Vitriol's rampage is interrupted by Tilda, and he runs away, claiming he found clues towards his goal: the Pantagrame.

Like Tilda, Klow and Jovy, Vitriol is a corallian herald, possessing an especially powerful gift: he can animate lifeless matter. He uses this power to resurrect Klow. Then Vitriol heads for the port, leaving the late cope to slow down his enemies.

Dusk till dawnEdit


In this flashback, we learn Klow's past: he was a very violent kid, and his parents were afraid for him. They encouraged him to follow strict rules, both legally and morally.

Klow reached Nelphis City and joined the Sedaters, only to face the most terrible trials during the tragedy known as the Purple Twilight. His partner died. Klow saved countless citizens during the Twilight, but afterwards, he fell into depression. Until he was assigned a new partner, Jovy.

Klow taught Jovy to use correctly his corallian power and to be a good cop. Jovy taught Klow how to relax and leave his terminal at home.

Klow, beyond the rulesEdit


Back in the present, the freshly resurrected Klow stands in the way of Jovy and Tilda. He doesn't want to go by the rules anymore, and he'll do whatever pleases him. He traps Jovy in a teleportation portal without a destination, and Jovy disappears. Tilda, angry, challenges Klow and manages to defeat him, temporarily neutralizing the power which animates him.

New enemiesEdit


Feuille, Vitriol's ally, is contacted by Yklen, a white porcelain creature. The entity reminds her to act as a double agent. Feuille agrees, but secretly, both Feuille and Yklen plan to backstab each other. Then Yklen disappears, leaving only her hand for Feuille to pick up.

As Vitriol is heading for the port and Tilda is running after him, Feuille appears on the later's way. They fight above an aerial footbridge, Tilda riding a flying motorbike, Feuille propelling herself with flames. The pyromaniac ends up in a fountain, defeated, where she makes Klow's acquaintance.

On her way to the port, Tilda joins forces with Octave, a police robot.

Meanwhile, riding an animated car, Vitriol has reached the port...

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