Infopoint from Medonis Museum, available in Level 4. It displays the following text:


Bormavian painters, right to the west of our beautiful city, represent a neverending spring of talent and creativity. Usually hot-blooded, such artists sometimes settle in Nelphis, inspired by our deep history, generous public services and cosmopolitanism, or just pass by, to produce memorable paintings of the divine Worldcoral.
In this gallery, you will find unique canvas art of personalities such as Bo Tohil and Bo Menda, offered or sold to our glorious government in the last centuries. Meditate and take the time to appreciate each painting, as a museum provides an ideal frame.

Did you know?
Bormavia asked for the unconditional restitution of all the Bo Menda masterpieces, considered as "defamatory art". However, Nelphis won the case before the Splintered Area Court of Justice. Our leaders approve and protect every kind of artistic freedom, especially the "realistic" portrait of the current Bormavian president.

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