A map of the Solworld, as seen on the Pantagrame World Map page

The Solworld is the world populated by humans. It contains atmosphere, geology and ecosystem very similar to Earth. The oceans and land surfaces are spread on a triangular surface. Above the triangle is deployed a musical sky.

This triangle is part of the Tetracosmos (i.e., the Multiverse).

Nelphis City is located on a massive island, Nadrama, in the middle of the Splintered Sea.

Continents and islandsEdit

- Alluvium continent

- Unnamed western continent

- Unnamed Cedony continent

- Nadrama Island


- Splintered Sea

- Western, Southern and Eastern Serpent Seas

- Embers Sea

- Turvian Sea

- Selein Sea

Main nationsEdit

- Nelphis (city-state)

- Cindralia

- Lazeul

- Cedony

- United Provinces

- Free-Malt

Known citiesEdit

- Nelphis (city-state)

- Eludiana

- Heremvo

Other locationsEdit

- Morganite Barrier

- Apatite Wall

- Danburite Curtain

- Forbidden City of Zenuai

- Forbidden City of Maltar

- Forbidden City of Otango

- Velian

- Ouvas

- Cheem

- New Ati

- Etranes

- Astruvam

- Ostrine

- Munial

- Salachan

- Hatrech

- Malt-malt

- Turs

- Tibalt

- Lasama

- Spun

- Tulare


Total Solworld area: 666 666 666 km²

Length of a side: 34 537 km

Musical skyEdit

● The musical sky is linked to the cosmogony and cosmology of the Tetracosmos. Everything was born from music; the celestial archway reflects the creative score of the universe.

● The inhabitants of the Solworld do not see the sky the same way the reader sees it. Musical scores are not written the same in their country, but it is translated, as is every commonplace cultural reference.

● The staves are not physically here. When cameras take pictures of the sky, it shows a strange, uncanny bedlam of intricate, moving, carved prisms instead. It is the "harmony of the Tetracosmology", the real creative score. A complex, neverending structure with a perspective extending in more dimensions than we are used to. This mystical vision cannot be understood by the human eye, and it conveys the prisms into the closest equivalent it can find: music notation.

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