The Secret Project is an unknown upcoming project in the Tetracosmos setting.

07/28/2015, Cauchemar answered questions about obscure concept arts which appeared on various French illustrator blogs since May 2015:

"- It will use the Tetracosmos setting.

- It isn’t going to be a Pantagrame minigame.

- Various cultures and societies will be depicted.

- I’m keeping myself from doing any consequent visual work on this one. In complete opposition to Pantagrame, I’m empowering Laurier the Fox[1]with the entire visual identity of the project. Other artists such as Mathieu Seddas/ Digital Oz or Arkh also work a lot on the design. The idea is to provide a all-new, refreshing approach.

- I’m still doing all of the writing. I am very happy about the plot, I think it’s my best work so far, better than previous short stories, novels, screenplays and webcomics. Of course I may not be the best judge of my own production, but really, I’m incredibly happy and excited about the project. I love to redesign an universe, to show it in a different light, and to have bits of informations in one story which will enrich the other story, and vice versa.

- You won’t need to know Pantagrame to appreciate the secret project. You won’t need to know the secret project to appreciate Pantagrame.

- The story will not feature any of the locations seen in Pantagrame. The thematics and events will be entirely new.

Laurier the Fox and Mathieu Seddas are new blood in the Pantagrame universe, while Arkh is already the programmer of the original Pantagrame games.