Pantagrame Quest is a webcomic drawn and written by Oasis Nadrama. It features 4-panels strips as well as video games programmed by Arkh, with an original soundtrack by Oraziel.

The comic strip is bilingual, written and published in English and French simultaneously. The overall setting is the Tetracosmos, a tetrahedron-shaped universe; however, so far, all of the story happens in the human realm, the Solworld.


Vitriol, a teenager who cannot stand life and its injustices, plans to engulf the world in darkness. He is gifted with a strong power: to animate lifeless matter. With the help of the Familiars he so creates, Vitriol plans to find an item called the Pantagrame. Multiple factions will come across him - some will try to stop him, other ones support him.

Comic stripsEdit

The horizontal strips follow the most classical format, 4-panels, with few exception. They are produced in pixel art, using the same assets than the video games.

Video gamesEdit

The Pantagrame levels and bosses are Flash games. They use pixel art reminiscent of 16-bit video game era. They are generally platformers.

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