Oasis Nadrama is the main designer and writer of Pantagrame Quest, and the original creator of the Tetracosmos setting.

They are a French anarchaqueer artist, aligned on progressive fights.

They previously used the pseudonym "Cauchemar" in some works.


  • Oasis joined forces with Arkelwan and Vincent Mondiot to create another fictional setting, Mirinar. Mirinar is the universe where the novel Les Mondes-miroirs takes place, as well as numerous illustrations, maps and drafts by Arkelwan.
  • Oasis also wrote and shot three sci-fi short movies, Dedans le monstre, Ordalie and Déchirures.
  • The short story Valeurs can be found in the anthology Dimension Super-Héros 2.
  • Despite most of their work being dark fantasy, nightmarish science-fiction or full-blown horror, Oasis describes themselves as "a sweet little fairy here to make your dream come true".
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