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Nelphis, also called Nelphis City, is an arrogant city-state and the first location featured in the webcomic Pantagrame Quest. It used to be the capital of the mighty Eltanhir Empire and at such, it is the hereditary enemy of Cindralia.

It is part of the Solworld. Nelphis City is located on the shores of Nadrama Island.

The main particularity of the urban agglomeration was the Worldcoral, a giant and mystical dome of land coral. In 3498, during the Purple Twilight, the dome exploded.


Nelphis's architecture is comprised of huge Art Deco buildings (described as "neo-tamnean construction" in-story), aerial footbridges, large water surfaces and monumental statues. Vegetation is very present, with red ivy covering some of the footbridges.