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This museum located in Nelphis City is the location of the first events related in the webcomic Pantagrame Quest. It is the target of Vitriol's attack.

Like the rest of the city, the museum is built following an Art deco architecture (described as "neo-tamnean construction" in-story). The place is gigantic, labyrinthic, and ends up very damaged by Vitriol and his Familiars.

It is a visitable location, playable in Level 4: The museum.


  • Built in 2871-2873, following the principles of neo-tamnean construction
  • The museum was bombed in 3425, at the end of the Third Cindralic War; the entire North wing was destroyed
  • Underwent major restructuring in 3426 by Tenelly
  • Tenelly rebuilt the North wing around the Igniplasma pool
  • According to the infopoint "A few figures to know", Medonis museum counts 15000 works of art
  • 30000² of rooms and corridors
  • 20 permanent collections
  • 2 art exhibits
  • 12000 windows
  • 1500 locks
  • 5000 stairsteps
  • 4 millions of visitors each year
  • In 3450, the Emerald Eltarch said "It's not so bad. These days, only one or two people disappear in the museum each year"