Infopoint from Medonis Museum, available in Level 4. It displays the following text:


The first civilizations to use writing (the Pholdean and Vakanesque empires) already faced a phenomenon which was about to afflict the entirety of mankind's history with unsettling regularity: library fires. The most notable example of such a catastrophe is the destruction of the Great Library of Ricone (810).
The element of fascination in these disasters is undeniable. At the heart of the riddle, two unexplainable aspects: their regularity, and even more preoccupying, the precise way the combustion happens. Those are not accidental fires: planned with utter care, they only destroy the books, and do not kill anyone.
The craziest theories arose regarding library fires, from an anti-knowledge sect to a secret population of sentient dinosaurs. But maybe the last word should rest with architect Tenelly, who once said: "Well, you pile up old paper, bark and dried skins in big old buildings, and you know, people are stupid".

Take a bite of knowledge.

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