Level 4: The museum is the fifth Pantagrame video game. The player controls Tilda, and must use her corallian power to paralyze the Familiars and erase Jovy's blocks.

The location explored is Medonis Museum, a huge building in Nelphis City. The place is half-destroyed by the previous events, and is swarming with Familiars.

This is the first level to feature common enemies, viewable pictures and readable documents (infopoints).



  • Medonis Museum (Bo Tohil, 2960)
  • The Bailrupt Sacre (Bo Stera, 3125)
  • The Worldcoral (Bo Stera, 3123)
  • The hand that feeds (Bo Menda, 3482)
  • Great Pillars of Otango (Bo Camet, 2755)
  • Forest in the scorelight (Bo Stera, 3120)
  • Pale shape in the headlights
  • Unknown idol (Zhal district)
  • Stained glass fields (Bo Stera, 3128)
  • Roofs of Andoolamaxas (Bo Tohil, 2951)
  • Windmills (Bo Camet, 2752)
  • Ancient ruins (Bo Tohil, 2956)
  • Bormavian president (Bo Menda, 3494)
  • Jungle shot
  • Wood head
  • Bridges on infertile land (Zhal)
  • Library fire
  • Stairs

Bonus items

  • Chrysanthis
  • Machazioth sandwich
  • Satan plushie
  • Tamnean amulet
  • Eyeless daguerreotype


  • Like Jovy's, Tilda's first steps as a player characters are celebrated by the jingle "Stimulus"
  • Unlike Jovy, Tilda can crawl after crouching.
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