Floreal is one of Vitriol's Familiars. Along with Floreal 2, it was created from one of the Floreal statues decorating the entrance to Medonis Museum.

Floreal has a feline-like body. It looks roughly 8 meters long, 4 meters tall. The head is shaped like a flower, and seems to be nothing more than a big mouth. Floreal has a ridge of stained glass shards starting on the rump and ending on the upper petal.

Floreal is the first boss (and overall the first enemy) the player faces. It is fought in the game Boss 1: Floreal. It is finally cut in two by one of Klow's portals and the upper part is sent to the Igniplasma Room.


Various Floreal sprites


A beta version of Floreal with different colors, organic aspect and a sting


Wallpaper with Floreal chasing Klow and Jovy


Floreal awakens


The chase begins


Floreal swallowed by the portal


Floreal cut by the portal


The corpse part is thrown at Vitriol


Floreal's final rest in Level 4

Loreal vo

Bad pun

Tumblr n7czo4hXII1s4mx6mo1 1280

Floreal fan statuette by Ozma

Tumblr n746g0GXeT1s4mx6mo1 1280

Floreal figurines


  • Floreal is the eighth month in the French Republican Calendar.
  • Floreal is an etymological variation of floral, probably referring to the flower-shaped head.
  • A lot of Floreal concept arts are more organic than the final design.
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