Graffitis made by Vitriol with red paint then turned into Familiars. Like all of Vitriol's writing and spelling, they are full of grammar mistakes.

Jovy notices the animated graffitis can work as good landmarks. Therefore, in gameplay mechanics, they become Checkpoints.

In the F.A.Q.:

"His graffitis (the checkpoints in Level 1) receive the instruction “React”, and so they turn to bright white and red when someone approaches them (see Strip 21).


When Jovy "dies" in a level, he actually gets badly hurt, and the little angel flying towards the sky is just a stylization. We systematically skip the part where he goes to the hospital, is cured and comes back to the last landmark he saw – a piece of Vitriol graffiti."


The very first Checkpoint


The Checkpoint system explained


  • Vitriol does not turn all of his graffitis into Checkpoints. The various levels are full of lifeless graffitis as well.
  • There is no indication the Checkpoint can be dangerous. As a thin layer of paint, they may be too fragile to move.
  • Some Checkpoints do not display the stained glass shards.
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